Reviews on Diamond and Sapphire Band

Sapphire is a precious mineral, which has been put into great use especially when it comes to the wedding and engagement rings. This has been attributed to the fact that is it is the second hardest mineral, which comes after diamond. In addition to its strength, sapphire has been by many people because of its sparkling appearance; blue in color. However, sapphire can be found in other colors such as red, white and pink. Based on history and beliefs, it is believed that sapphire is the birthstone of September, which makes the sapphire wedding rings to be considered the best in celebrating September weddings.

Information on diamond and sapphire band

There are many sapphire wedding rings that one can choose from and one of them is the diamond and sapphire band. This is based on the shape of the sapphire at the center as well as the shape of the ring band. The first among the many collections is the Luna seven stone sapphire and diamond ring. This is a spectacular wedding ring, which embraces the prong design. It is composed of three round diamonds and four sapphires that are set dramatically in platinum. The sapphires and diamonds are arranged in a prong setting giving the ring a sparkling appearance.

The oval sapphire and diamond split shank ring goes for $5,200. The ring is composed of both diamonds and sapphires. The diamonds observe a halo design, which surround the sapphire as the centerpiece. In addition, the ring has the split shank incorporated into the design. The ring is surrounded by diamonds, which amount to 62 in number. The diamonds are arranged in a pave setting. There is only one sapphire at the center of the ring and it is oval in shape. The sapphire is in a prong setting. With all these features in place, this wedding ring is a unique and desirable ring to try out.

Additional details on the band rings

Emerald cut sapphire and diamond is another collection that falls under the cheap sapphire rings. The ring is incorporated in platinum. The sapphire makes the centerpiece while two matching diamonds surround it. The sapphire is in medium dark blue and it is in a prong setting. The diamonds found in this ring are emerald and this makes the whole design spectacular. The ring costs about $6,995. In addition this collection can be found in an oval sapphire instead of the emerald cut design.

Conclusion on the sapphire rings

Sapphire and diamond halo eternity ring is another great design to try out. It is slightly cheaper as compared to the above sapphire wedding rings. The metal of the ring is white gold, which weighs 18k. The sapphires around the ring are surrounded by the diamonds. In total, the ring is composed of 110 diamonds, which are found in a pave setting.

In addition, the ring uses 11 sapphires to complete the design. The sapphires are found in a prong setting. The ring goes for about $3,830. The diamond and sapphire band is a great gift that one can give his/her partner for a wedding or engagement, especially if one is limited to a budget because the band are slightly cheaper.