Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

It is has been and is still a belief that in order for one to show his/her faithfulness and commitment to his/her partner, one has to give the partner a ring. Rings can be used for engagement, wedding and anniversary purposes. Among the many collections on the market, there is the diamond and sapphire engagement ring that has been preferred by many people across the globe. These rings vary in terms of their features and this brings in the difference in price and this means that one has a wider collection to choose from.

 Diamond and sapphire engagement ring

For the engagement rings, there are many options that one can try out. One of them is the Asscher diamond and sapphire engagement ring. This ring is embedded in white gold with a weight of 18k. This engagement ring is slightly expensive; it costs $6,495. From the name itself, the shape of the main stone is Asscher. On the hand, the ring style is a solitaire with accents. When it comes to the metal treatment, the white gold is as natural as possible. The added advantage to this ring is that it is sizable and meets the different needs of customers. The diamond used on the ring has a J color.

Rings that are put up for sale can either pre-owned or new with tags. Pre-owned refers to the fact that the rings have been used previously, only that they are treated to give them a new look and put up for sale. On the other, rings that come with new tags mean that they have not been used at any point in time; they are unused and brand-new. The Asscher diamond and sapphire engagement ring has a centerpiece that is surrounded by other side stones. The center piece is composed of diamond, which has a J color and an Asscher cut. The side stones have an I-J color that blend well with the J colored diamond.

Additional details on engagement rings

Another collection that falls under the diamond and sapphire engagement ring is the emerald-cut diamond and blue sapphire scroll ring. The ring is composed of a white gold that has a metal purity of 14k. This ring is of high quality and this attributed to the quality gemstones used in its design. The ring costs $6,669 on average. The centerpiece of this ring is composed of a diamond that is princess-cut. Moreover, the ring is designed in a two-frame shank that is filled up with smaller diamond accents at the top. The shank at the bottom of the ring is filled with blue sapphires, which are princess-cut as well. The sapphires have been added to the round diamond accents that make the whole design complete.

Conclusion on engagement rings

Sapphire rings can be found in different colors, such as blue, yellow and pink. They can found in two categories; wedding and engagement rings. One also has the liberty to choose the stone type that he/she is interested in. All most all diamond and sapphire engagement rings can be customized to meet the different needs of customers in terms of ring size, stone shape, metal type and ring style.