Cheap Sapphire Rings: Stylish Yet Fitting Your Budget

It is not necessary for a wedding or engagement ring to be expensive. There are cheap sapphire rings available in the market, yet they serve the same purpose as the expensive ones. However, the cheap sapphire rings are not very durable as opposed to the expensive collections. Many people have preferred the sapphire rings because of the sparkles they possess. There may features that bring in the difference in terms of the price of these rings. Some of the rings can be counterfeit, thus one has to clear examine them before making any purchase.

A review on cheap sapphire rings

Cheap sapphire rings are readily available in the market in order to cater for the needs of those that are not well-able. The first on the list is the sapphire diamond ring in the shape of a heart. The ring is embedded on a 14k white gold and it costs about $230. The sapphire is at the center and it is sculpted in a heart shape. It is then surrounded by two diamonds, which are genuine. On the band of the ring, the weight of the white gold is indicated. The diamonds are round in shape.

In addition, there is the sapphire gemstone ring that costs $8. The ring is composed of three sapphires at the center. The sapphires can be found either in blue or pink. The ring is also composed of white gold, which weighs 14k. However, this design is not only limited to these two colors. The sapphires are arranged in a prong setting. The ring is suitable for both men and women, and it is mainly used as a gift for any occasion. This ring falls under the solitaire rings.

Other cheap rings to look out for

Another cheap sapphire ring is the blue and white sapphire sterling silver heart bypass ring. This ring is used for engagement purposes and it costs $35. The centerpiece entails a blue sapphire that has a heart-shape. It is further surrounded by white sapphires that are attached to a sterling silver. The design is bypass. The surrounding sapphires are round in shape while the silver is crafted. The setting of the gemstones is prong making the whole design unique.

Another cheap engagement ring is the emerald-cut blue sapphire and diamond. The ring costs $45 and it is accented on a sterling silver. The blue sapphire forms the centerpiece of the ring and it is emerald-cut. It is also placed in a prong setting. The sapphire is surrounded by 10 diamonds that are round and placed in a pave-set. On the band of the ring, there are icy round and pave-set diamonds and they amount to 4 in number.

Conclusion on sapphire rings

If one is interested in showing his/her love for his/her partner, then making use of the rings can serve it all. The best thing is that one does not have to part away with large sums of money in order to get a ring for a gift. The cheap sapphire rings have served this purpose.